Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

Sunday, February 17, 2019

No Coupons On Holiday Weekends

FYI for those buying the Sunday paper for coupons

As I explained in my live event on Facebook, my favorite place to get my Sunday newspaper for coupons is Dollar Tree 

Presidents day is on Monday but remember there will be coupons next Sunday and below is the ones to look for in your Sunday  newspaper insert

3     – RetailMeNot, Smart Source
10   – RetailMeNot, Smart Source
 17   – No Inserts (President’s Day)
24   – RetailMeNot, SmartSource

Here are the coupons from week 2.10.19 
  • AmLactin $3/1 product ETS (3/10)
  • AmLactin $7/2 product ETS (2/17)
  • Beano $3/1 100ct or larger (3/31)
  • Cheerios $1/1 maples (3/23)
  • Chocolate $1/1 toast crunch (3/23)
  • Cinnamon $1/1 toast churros (3/23)
  • Clairol $6/2 color crave or blonding collection (2/23)
  • Clairol $2/1 nice n easy or permanent root touch up (2/23)
  • Clairol $5/2 nice n easy or permanent root touch up (2/23)
  • Clairol $8/2 permanent root touch up (2/23)
  • Colgate $0.50/1 toothpaste 3oz or larger (exc. 2.8oz) ETS (2/23)
  • Curel $1.50/1 moisturizer 13oz or larger (3/24)
  • Fiber $0.50/2 one (4/6)
  • Fiber One $1/1 strawberries and vanilla clusters (3/23)
  • Hall $1.25/2 bags 10ct or larger (3/23)
  • Irish Spring $0.50/1 bar soap 6pk or larger (2/23)
  • Irish Spring $1/1 body wash (exc. 2.5oz) (2/23)
  • Jergens $1.50/1 moisturizer (3/10)
  • Jergens $2/1 wet skin (3/10)
  • Merci $1/1 chocolates (4/30)
  • Nature Valley $1/1 fruit & nut granola (3/23)
  • Newtons $1/2 cookies 10oz or larger (3/23)
  • Oreos $1/2 10oz or larger (3/23)
Get printable coupons below

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sales ads across the United States

 View sales paper for every store across the US~

In order to find the best deals, you need to see what is on sale but many times we do not get every sales paper in the Sunday newspaper, so here is the list for every sales paper across the US

or you can check out

Be sure to clip coupons from the Sunday paper
Print and clip below


 You can also download many apps that you can have right on your phone to use in stores
Search on your phone for "coupon" apps but remember if you use the store app, they usually have a coupon link right in the app.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Earn a monthly income with Kidazzler


 Learn how you can earn with Kidazzler

As I explained when I restarted this blog for Its Time to Make Cents, I will be sharing ways to earn income.  I know that many want immediate cash but for me, this is like a little savings account and once it launches and the businesses sign up to be in the app, I will make a side income.  It is super easy to get started and this quick video shows you how to add your businesses and refer your friends and family for more earnings.  You can easily share this blog post so others know how to actually get started.  Team work is what gets the best results.

Watch this brief video that will explain how easy it is to get started with NO NO NO 
up front cost to you! 

                               About Kidazzler - Part 1 (How it Works) from Kidazzler on Vimeo.

So now that you see how easy it is to get started, click here to download the app

 Download Kidazzler for free and join parents (like us!) who are building one global directory for everything kids. Add new places to the directory using Kidazzler’s private portal and you’ll get to earn directly from your contributions.

 Below is just an example of how you can get a month residual income.  When you click the on the HERE, you will be able to view a quick video explaining more about how you earn income

You earn income in  different ways:

  •  By adding business
  • By referring friends and family

The amount of income you make will depend on which businesses choose to stay after their free trial to be in the app directory,  As long as they continue to pay to be a part of the KID FRIENDLY app, you get paid each month!

It doesn't get any easier than that!

So, what types of business should you add,,,,,,,

                 About Kidazzler - Part 2 (What Businesses to Add) from Kidazzler on Vimeo.

When I first got started, it seemed that every business was already taken in my area, so I stepped out of my area and decided I would try small towns and kid friendly place.

Here are some examples you can use in GOOGLE search

  • Kid friendly gold resorts
  • Kid friendly painting classes
  • Kid friendly craft at the zoo
  • Churches with kid friendly project
  • Daycares
  • Mobile party business
  • Kid friendly restuarants
  • Kid friendly Museums because not are created equal or fun for kids
  •  The list goes on and on

Here is how you get paid.....

Make sure you do not wait on this ground floor opportunity because as they enter into different Phases not everyone will have the same opportunity to earn.



Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Coupon Stacking for more savings

 Stacking coupons for more savings
One of the biggest tricks to saving more income is to stack coupons.  That means, you will have to do your homework to see if the place you are looking to shop has a rewards program and how it works.

Most store will allow stacking in several ways but be POSITIVE before you gather all your items to checkout.  Nothing worse than having a cart full of items only to find out you cannot combine all the coupons you have for each product.

Here is are things to check out at EACH store.  Do not assume all stores are the same.

  • Rewards programs that offer cash
  • Actual store coupons
  • Manufacturing coupons

For example, if you have a rewards card from CVS, they have a price check box that looks like this.

This machine not only price checks but gives you coupons when you scan your rewards card.

Here is what they look like

You also need to check the expiration date on all your coupons.  I would make sure I was really organized because there are times when you have a $5 CVS reward that is just like cash so you do not want to miss out on getting things for free,

Remember as I explained in the CVS adds, there are times when you have to spend money in order to start getting the BONUS bucks like shown below

As you see on the bottom left, there is a GET $5 when you spend $15 on Mabelline cosmetics.
So, I would check all my coupons to see what I need and if my coupons get me a deal so I spend the $15 to get my rewards.  

Many time I would keep saving my bonus bucks so I could do a larger order and get many items, this is when you really start saving money but again you have to have the initial money to spend to get started doing things this way.  I started with $20 and that is the money I was able to use over and over as I started stacking coupons to get all my household needs.

Many of the items below were just from my initial start of $20 that I kept recycling with my Extra Bucks from Walgreens and CVS

So here is how to stack coupons......

Example:  If you are buying bottle body soap and they are 2 for$6 and you have a coupon that is $1 off of one bottle, you can STACK 2 of those $1 coupons now making your body soap $4.  

The store may also have a STORE coupon for $0.50 off a bottle so now you need them to scan that coupon twice because you have 2, so now your body soap is 2 for $3 BUT you have rewards you have been saving so you can use $3 towards this purchase making the items FREE!!!

(Remember if you take a coupon from the box next to the product, that is a manufacturing coupon and not a store coupon.  Most store coupons will be either in a different paper or as shown with CVS through a coupon box and it will more than likely always have the store name on the coupon,

You really need to think outside the box.  I am not saying to scam to get things for FREE or call it a scam because you were not able to stack certain coupons because of the store policy with coupons but if you get creative, you can get many items for next to nothing once you get a routine going.