Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Part 9 How to add any size banner on your Google Blogger post

If your following my Press Releases on
"How to create your own Google Blogger Site"
in this Press Release, I will show you how to add any size banner to your Google Blogger posts any where within the post.
If you have missed any of the previous Press Releases, you can view them all in the previous post below.
 Watch the video below to see how easy it is to add a banner any size any where within your Google Blogger post


As you saw in the video above, there are 2 ways you can add a banner. 
1.  Depending on where your banner is, (perhaps it is on a Press Release) you can easily just copy and past it within your blog post.  When you do this, it will pick up the HTML code with you link and once it is published and live, anyone that clicks on it can will be directed to your site.

2.  This way can be a little more difficult but you will get use to it.  You can add the HTML code as you are COMPOSING your post so you would have to switch from "compose" to "html" when you want to add your banner link OR

You can "compose" your whole post and then click on "html" but you will have to read between the code to know where to place your code for your banner.  Once you add your "html" code, go back to "compose" and see how your banner appears.  If you want to move or center, just click on the image within "compose" and you will see the editing tools to move "right" "left" or "center".  If if says "center" but is not appearing that way, simply click "right" then "center" again and it will be in the right place which is "center".

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