Friday, January 15, 2016

Part 5 How to add affiliate links in your Google Blog to earn income

So now that I have been sharing Press Releases on how to build your
Google Blogger site, lets add some affiliate links so your visitors have easy access to your websites.
If you missed my previous Press Releases, you can view them below on how to build your Google Blogger site

Watch the video below on how easy it is to add your affiliate links into your Blogger posts and on the right and left sides of your blog.

Now that you know how to add affiliate links maybe you are looking for a place where you can join and offer more products, services and opportunities. 
Read my Press Release below on how to become an affiliate with

The one thing to keep in mind with LinkConnector is:

You must list all the places you are going to place the affiliate links.

If you try to place an affiliate link that has not been approved, you will received an error message and no banner or link will be activated.  So, be sure you enter all the right information and only use merchants that approve of your sites or your wasting your time adding them to your blog or website.

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