Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Part 3 How to add Google Adsense to your FREE Google Blogger site

Over the past few days I have been sharing how easy it is to use Google Blogger to create your own FREE blog site.
If you missed the previous 2 Press Releases you can view them below.

Watch the video below on how to add Google Adsense to your Google Blogger site.

Here's a recap of the video.
If you do not know already have Google Adsense, log into your Google blog and scroll down to the left hand site and click on the earnings.  From there "sign up" and wait for approval.  Once you are approved just place your ads as recommended or the way I showed you in the video.

REMEMBER:  Google only allows you to have one Adsense account so in order to use on other blogs and website, make sure you list them in your Google Adsense account and follow the rules.
If you missed my Press Release on how you get black listed from Google you can read it below.

If you already have an Google Adsense account and you want to place ads on your blog, use the
"Add Gadget" link and then HTML code/JavaScript if you want to place on the right or left of your blog.  Remember, you can place an ad under the header of your blog but then you cannot use the page tabs on top of your blog.

(You will have to log in and out of your different Google accounts to move the ads back and forth between your Google Adsense account and your Google Blogger as shown in my video above.)
To place ads within your blog post, simple use the HTML when creating your blog or place once finished writing your blog post as shown in the video above.

Check back for more tutorials on how to edit in your Blogger site.

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