Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Part 2 How to add pages and tabs to your Google Blogger site and edit the theme.

If you were interested in starting your own blog but do not know how to get started, I will be sharing Press Release and video clips that will help you build your own Google Blogger site for FREE

In this Press Release and video clip, I will share
How to add pages and tabs along with changing your theme.

Watch the video below to start editing your Blogger site

So as you saw in the video, you can change and edit your blog theme any time you would like.
To edit the theme:
  • Log into your Google Blogger site
  • Scroll down on the left hand side and click on Template
  • If you already pick a Template, you can view before you change your current theme by click on the magnifying glass.
  • If you decide to change your Template while you are previewing, you can simply click "Apply to blog" and your blog will be undated with the new Template
  • To customize, just click "customize" and edit the layout, color and more
To add pages to your blog
  • Click on the "Page" link to the left
  • Give your new page a title which may also be your tab page name
  • Add your content
  • Publish    

    (Remember that your pages will not be linked until you edit that in the next step which is add tabs to your blog)
    Add tabs to your blog for the your pages
  • Click on the "Layout" tab to the left
  • If you want to add tabs to the top click "Add Gadget" and then click "Pages".  You will be able to put a checkmark next to the Pages you would like as a tab at the top header.
  • To add "Pages" tab to the side, you would do the same thing and click on the "Add Gadget" and then "Pages" to add a your tabs to the sides of your blog depending on your Template.
  • Remember the Template may have different feature for your tabs but they can always be added as a side gadget on the right or left of your blog.

Be sure to check back as we talk about adding Google Adsense to your blog so you can earn additional income with ads.

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