Saturday, January 23, 2016

Part 12 How to schedule your scheduled post from you Google Blogger site to your social media sites

If have have been following my series of how to start, edit and add things to your Google Blogger post, here is one that will most certainly help you save time once your scheduled post are written and waiting to go live.

This is Part 12 How to schedule your post on social media that you have scheduled to go live.
Watch  my video to see how easy this is to do.......

If you missed my previous Press Releases on how to schedule your Google Blogger post, you can view them below along with other tutorials right within those Press Releases.

In my video tutorial above, I show you how to schedule your Google Blogger post on Facebook because it is one of the sites that allows you to schedule your post for as long as you like BUT what about all your other social media sites like Twitter, Google Plus and more?

I did a Press Release on ONLY WIRE and included a video to show how easy it is to add and schedule any of your post, Press Releases and more and if you purchase for a full year, you get real savings.  BUT you can their site for FREE with a few social media sites to get started.

You can view the best way to schedule ALL you social media sites below

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