Thursday, January 21, 2016

Part 10 How to ad your social media buttons to your Google Blogger site


If you have been following my Press Releases, I have been sharing some details in a series of Press Releases and videos to help you build your own Google Blogger site for FREE!
There is NO catch, no fee at a later time......completely FREE!

If you missed any of my previous Press Releases, you can view them in the post below.

How to add your social media button and badges to your
Goolge Blogger site so you visitors know where you find and follow you on sites, like Google 

Plus, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook

 Watch the video to get started

To add your Google Plus Badge
Simple log into the blogging platform
  • Click on "Layout" 
  • Click on "Add a Gadget
  • Scroll all the way to the botton and click on Google Badge

To add your Twitter Button
  • Log into the Twitter account
  • Click on this link
  • Choose the badge and then choose a button
  • Copy the HTML
  • Go to your Google Blogger site and Click Gadget
  • Click "ADD HTML" and paste the code
  • Click "Save"

To add your Pinterest button
  • Log into your Pinterest account
  • Click on the developers link here
  • Click the "follow" us button
  • Add your pinterest url in the box
  • Open you Google Blogger and then layout
  • Add a gadget
  • Copy the HTML in the first Pinterest box
  • Be sure to copy the second HTML
  • Click "Save"

To add Facebook Badge
Log into your Facebook account
  • Click HERE to be on the Facebook Badge page
  • Click on "Page Badge" for your Facebook Fanpage you want to share
  • Choose your page and edit
  • Click "Blogger" and it will actually automatically be added to the Google Blogger site you are logged into at the time the Facebook Badge is created. 
             Watch the video to make sure you understand my last statement for Facebook Badges.

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