Monday, January 25, 2016

Looking for success in direct sales? Follow this party girl and guys you can come along!

I've recently received a few messages on my Direct Sales page from people who wanted to earn income with the companies I am currently with myself.
What surprises me is:
  • Many think Direct Sales is a "Get Rich Quick"
  • Many do not want to actually "Work" the business and usually this means be a customer yourself.  I mean... how can you actually sell a product you never used yourself?  Your own testimony is the best you can give a new client or recruit.
  • Many want you to hold their hand through the whole process and never branch out to grow.
I have been with many companies over the years and the income I earned was enough but I wouldn't put myself in the 6 figure earnings.
Over the past year I have followed some direct sales reps and have learned WHAT NOT TO DO and WHAT TO DO!
I still have many questions and the one thing you really never get an answer to did they really get ahead?  What are they doing differently than the rest?
I am always reading books and you do come to the conclusion that
Direct Sales is by NO MEANS a get rich!

BUT you can repeat success if you are willing to learn!

This is another great book I would recommend
click on the image below to read all the great review

I know the title says "Party Girl" but I do not think we should dismiss the males in direct sales as they are very entertaining as Direct Sales reps.

However, Direct Sales have been known to make more women successful because of the flexibility and raising a family at the same time.

I am working more towards a residual income in 2016 with my Direct Sales companies because it is a great way to earn and still have time for others things as well.
My 2 favorite companies and products that I am currently with are
Plexus Slim because they:
  • Have the best wellness products
  • Low start up cost to get wholesale products
  • 11 ways to earn
  • trips
  • bonuses
  • Plexus Lexus
The other company I am with is Signature Home Style
I really like having my home organized and who doesn't like to redecorate from time to time?
ONly $169 to start your own home design business
Low annual party purchases to stay active
  • Bonuses
  • Trips
  • Event training
I always say JOIN a company with products you already use and will love because then it is easy to share.
Send me a message or comment on this Press Release if you would like more information on either of these companies or click on the links to view websites and products.

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