Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Here's an update on scheduling your blog posts on Google Blogger


I recently did a series on how to start your own blog with Google Blogger BUT I then discover you need to take an additional step to schedule your posts or they will not show up on the schedule time.  You can see how to do it in my new video below.
Google Blogger is FREE to use and a great way to share your products, services or just about anything out there that you want others to see.

As you see, my last Blogger post  was on "How to schedule you post" but in order for that tutorial to work, you need to watch the video below so your post actually does go live at the scheduled time.

As you saw in the video, in order for your post to actually be scheduled, you need to set your date and time, click "done" and the go to the top and click "schedule". 

When you go back to your posts, you will see "draft" or you will see "scheduled" and if it stills states "draft" you need to go and simply click "schedule" and you are all set.

BUT in order to "share" on your Google page, you will have to go back to the post that did go live and "share" as shown in the video above.

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