Sunday, January 10, 2016

FREE photos and images to do as you please with no copyrights to worry about

Many times people think that every image on the internet is FREE for the taking whenever someone wants.

It amazes me how many people will use a celebrity photo to promote their product and think it is ok.  Large companies pay these celebrities BIG bucks to use their image in their ads, so why does the little guy think it's ok for them to use something they do not have the rights to use? 
There was a HUGE lawsuit that Michael Jordan had this summer with one of our local grocery chains for using his jersey number even though they were not selling anything.
You can read more about the lawsuit below

What Michael Jordan's Dominick's lawsuit teaches us about business

As Micheal Jordan quoted, "It's not about the money, it's about someone using my likeness without permission."
This goes for really anything on the internet and we are all a little guilty of using an image here and there but we shouldn't  take the risk when you can use 1000's of images for FREE with no copyrights under
Creative Commons CC0
What does that mean?  Creative Commons CCO
The person who associated with image has waived all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law. Read about it HERE
Below is a list of FREE images and photos you can use under Creative Commons CCO and not have any problems.

PixaUbay has 490,000 photos, vectors and art illustrations
Animal Photos has photos of any animal you can think of to use
Start up stock photos has free photos for those just starting out
Pexels has images for FREE, just type what you are seeking in the left hand corner search box.
Photopin has free images for bloggers anytime anywhere
Stock FREE Images has the largest collection with over a million images and illustrations
Unsplash has 10 new photos every 10 days
1Million Free Pictures has exactly as the title descibes
New Old Stock has many old black and white images 
Public Domain Archives all public domain images
Vintage photos and images from Google search
Cartoon Stock free cartoons and comics

Here is the Press Release below on how to edit your images in Pic Monkey

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